Tool Backpack, USB E-Charge LED Lighted

€272.00 inc. VAT.
Our E-Charge lighted USB charging tool backpack includes an internal USB charging system with a removable 15000 mAh power bank that simultaneously charges two devices and powers the LED light system. Integrated 2-level, 200 lumen, LED light system with adjustable steel neck for lighting bags contents, wide work area or close-up work illumination.
  • LED lighted	LED lighted
  • Charging device	Charging device
  • Base pads Base pads
  • Shoulder strap Shoulder strap
  • 36 Pockets 36 Pockets
  • 30 Pockets 30 Pockets
Art No.
  • Built in USB charging system to charge 2 devices simultaneously.
  • LED light system with adjustable steel neck for lighting bag contents or work area.
  • 3 zippered compartments and 36 pockets to organise your tools.
  • 4 charging wall pockets, built-in USB ports, power bank pocket and 15.6 inch laptop sleeve.
  • Large pads on back for extra carrying comfort.
  • Dimensions approx.: 56x38x36 cm
Backpack includes: Charging Power Bank, LED Light System, Internal USB Charging Ports, Internal Charging USB Connector, Micro USB Power Bank.