CLC offers a wide variety of electrician, construction worker and carpenter tool belts and pouches, as well as smaller accessory-size tool and phone holders. Materials range from top grain leather to durable ballistic poly fabric, and come in multiple configurations and sizes to meet the needs of contractors, technicians and craftsmen. All stitching is reinforced and made for the toughest work environments. Pockets, sleeves and compartments are right-sized and designed to fit the tools and devices you use the most, and keep everything you need at hand, organised and ready to go.
  1. Professional Electrician's Tool Pouch
    Art No. CL1001510
    Professional Electrician's Tool Pouch
  2. Ziptop Utility Pouch, Medium
    Art No. CL1001524
    Ziptop Utility Pouch, Medium
  3. Maintenance & Electricians Pouch, Small
    Art No. CL1001503
    Maintenance & Electricians Pouch, Small
  4. Technician's Pouch, Small
    Art No. CL1001501
    Technician's Pouch, Small
  5. Zippered Bags, 3 pcs
    Art No. CL1001100
    Zippered Bags, 3 pcs
  6. Smartphone Holder
    Art No. CL1005127
    Smartphone Holder
  7. Tool Holder, Medium
    Art No. CL1001104
    Tool Holder, Medium
  8. Tool Belt, Single Side
    Art No. CL1001245
    Tool Belt, Single Side