About Us

For over thirty-five years, CLC Work Gear has been making rugged, innovative work gear aimed at meeting the needs of contractors, technicians and craftsmen. Our products are made for the most heavy-duty work environments out there. It’s all in the details, from the design and our patented features to choosing the right fabric, the perfect stitching, the layering of materials, and the reinforcing of specific features.


CLC prides itself on quality, durability and innovation. Our designs are based on real work situations. And we always strive to be one step ahead—to develop new features you didn’t know you needed until you can’t do without them. Our motto is “think outside the toolbox.” That means listening, finding out how our customers work and exactly what they need, and then creating products that deliver in every way.


We continuously evaluate and reinvent. We’ve innovated pouch pockets, pouch handles, bag trays, kneepads, gloves—features our customers love and our competitors imitate. If it doesn’t add value, we don’t add it.

Founded in 1983, CLC quickly aimed at the need to conveniently carry one’s tools at all times. Today’s craftsmen are more on the go than ever. Our bags and packs are durable and ergonomically designed to be easily handled and carried, adjusted for the mobile craftsman of today. That’s why our packs include built-in charging capabilities for phones, tablets and other devices.


We never stop thinking of what works, what’s needed and how we can provide new functionality in a sturdy, safe and stylish way. We anticipate, innovate and deliver. When a product goes out with our name on it, we’ve put absolutely everything we can into it.


Our philosophy is simple: make great products at a great value that improve your working day—work gear that lasts. We do this for you—the people who use our products--so you can think outside the toolbox and focus on the work you take pride in, and all that you are going to accomplish.