Our tool safety lanyards help reduce the risk of a dropped tool injuring anyone working below by mitigating the dynamic forces at play. Choosing the right tool lanyard is crucial for safety on a work site, and the shock cords of our lanyards, used properly, will support the weight of the object (up to 2.5 kilos) and the force of the fall, preventing a drop from causing harm. Just attach one end of your CLC lanyard to yourself (or a structure) and the other to your hand tool. We offer several lanyards to choose from—and it all comes down to the tool’s weight and how it’s attached to a worker or structure.
  1. Tool Lanyard, Structure
    Art No. CL1001035
    Tool Lanyard, Structure
    €47.00 inc. VAT.
    In stock
  2. Tool Lanyard, Heavy-Duty
    Art No. CL1001030
    Tool Lanyard, Heavy-Duty
    €29.00 inc. VAT.
    In stock
  3. Tool Lanyard, Interchangeable
    Art No. CL1001025
    Tool Lanyard, Interchangeable
    €33.00 inc. VAT.
    In stock
  4. Tool Lanyard
    Art No. CL1001020
    Tool Lanyard
    €27.00 inc. VAT.
    In stock