Our line of CLC soft-sided tool bags are premium quality, offering both open-top and closed-top soft-sided tool bags designed for electricians, plumbers, technicians, and other professionals. With divided compartments and multi-use pockets and pouches inside and out, they can hold and organise dozens of tools just the way you want them. They feature durable but comfortable ballistic poly fabrics, padded straps or handles, and other innovative features all geared towards making your workday more organized, mobile and comfortable.
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  1. Work Gear Bag, Large
    Art No. CL1001111
    Work Gear Bag, Large
    €60.00 inc. VAT.
  2. Soft-sided Tool Box, Medium
    Art No. CL1001578
    Soft-sided Tool Box, Medium
    €60.00 inc. VAT.
  3. BigMouth® Tote Bag, Large
    Art No. CL1001163
    BigMouth® Tote Bag, Large
    €60.00 inc. VAT.